Whether you’re a startup, a scale-up or a large company,


Our goal is simple :
inform what you build based on user research.

And, just so we’re clear, it’s not about changing shapes and colours.

Here’s how…

If our experience has taught us anything it’s that, in order to deliver impactful experiences that deliver value to both your business and your (potential) customers, you have to be focussing on deeply understanding their circumstances and struggles.

User at the heart ❤️

Our experience building products that users love and that truly drive business value is based on placing users at the heart of every conversation.

By listening to customers, through interviews, observation, prototyping and user testing, we gain deep insights into what makes for a great product i.e. one that will be loved by users and that will move the needle for your business.

These insights are key in enabling proper product prioritisation and decisioning.


Context is king

Understanding your business context, your challenges and priorities helps us add colour to our work.

The truth is out there

Decision-enabling insights from your (potential) users are out in the world. Our role as your discovery team is to rapidly collect these insights and help you inform what to build next and why.

Moving swiftly from insights to action

Once we have gained a deep understanding of users’ circumstances and struggles, we crystallise ideas into prototypes that we can test and validate with identified prospects or clients.


You now have all you need for proper decision making when it comes to your (future) products.

Find out how you can accelerate discovery and ship the right product for your end users with maximum confidence.

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